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Looking for Buyer Feedback On Gigs :)


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Hey all! I want to make some changes since I’m still only Level One after a year (yikes). A lack of marketing is my main issue, but I’d love to hear your feedback on my gigs (as buyers). Anything that jumps out at you that might keep you from contacting me or turn you away from my gigs, let me know!

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A few thoughts for you…one, I think that since you only had one gig all this time (all the other said they were new) that could have been the reason you were only at a Level 1 for a year. They say having a few gigs helps.

Also, your gigs are really geared towards professionals, not just the average person. It’s all about product photography. I think if you want to expand you should have more samples in each gig of every day things.

Another thought is you need to clearly showcase in your portfolio the differences of what each money level gets you. I glanced briefly at the one where you can put a head on the pitchfork guy…and the second level up you say add more tonal quality…what does that mean? I think if you had some photos that show each level that might help. The $5 level, the $10, the $15 samples…because I think you may get some cancellations for people not being happy who really just don’t understand the graphic world.

The other issue is that you ask people to send you the samples of their photos first, that’s a tough sell sometimes. I would not want to send my photo to some anon seller I have not even purchased the gig from yet.

Other than that, clearly you are talented and skilled at what you do, I think it’s just the Fiverr marketplace. But see how these other gigs do and take it from there.

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  1. I’ll definitely keep several gigs active!



  2. None of my gigs are geared toward professionals. I think it just looks that way because of my samples. I hope I’ll get orders for the live portfolio to show that my buyers are just regular people because I don’t want to change the samples I’m using.



  3. My samples state pricing level but I’ll add the dollar amount so it’s more obvious. Thanks for that!



  4. Asking for images upfront eliminates most problems so I’m okay being skipped over for that. It’s a hassle if I say I can do what a buyer wants, then have to tell them after they pay and send their images that what they want can’t be done with them.



  5. I don’t plan on adding a video of myself and haven’t had time to make one otherwise. I know a video will help, though, so I may order a gig to have someone do it for me.




    Thanks so much for the feedback! It was helpful.

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