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Do not communicate outside of Fiverr


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Hey hey my Fiverr friends,

This morning, buyer contacted me and sent his s***e info and asked to contact him there,

First I accepted since I thought he haves some big project and messaging on Fiverr is slow to him. After 2 minutes of chat on s***e I realized that what he wants is against Fiverr TOS, I said NO!, after that he blackmail me and wanted work for free or he will report me between he also said I am fake seller and called me with some words I would rather skip now…

I contacted support about this, who knows how many sellers done work for free here because of this buyer.

I would never accept payment outside of Fiverr as I even recommend my “off Fiverr” buyers to register here and buy my gigs over Fiverr.

Long story short: Don’t let your self to be in this position just because of buyers: " I have big project on my mind"

-Sorry for bad english

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