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'missing' money?


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I have already opened a ticket with customer service for this, but I’m trying to figure out if it is happening to others too so I can share that with them if they ever reply…

When I go to my ‘revenue’ page it shows $24 in my ‘upcoming revenue from active orders’ section.

I currently have about $100 worth of orders in my queue plus another $10 in ‘delivered’.

Where is the missing money!?!? AHHHHH.

I’m sure Customer Service will figure it out, but if you have a second please check your revenue and see if you’re seeing the same thing.

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Same here. Had this issue since the new version upgrade. Along with a few others.

It’s never got resolved… Pardon my hill-billy English. " It’s never BEEN resolved " lol.

But… No money has ever vanished. I keep my own records and although it’s always a guess what ends up clearing every day… I’ve never actually lost any money.

In a nutshell? Don’t trust the screen. But the money always comes.

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