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Just "completed" my first gig request


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I came here to fiverr with high hopes. I understand the whole “you get what you pay for thing” and I shouldn’t have expected a $200 logo for $10, but still… The transaction was completed but I want to reach out on how to go back and cancel it.

The designer, while good with communication, didn’t even cut black background spots from the 72dpi clipart he tried to convert to 300dpi.

I’m disappointed and don’t know what to do.

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Well You have your ratings you can give, OR communicate with the seller.

Ask for a modification explaining what You want and give the seller a chance to rectify it.

If this is not possible You can cancel by going to Your Orders page:

  1. Select the gig you wish to cancel
  2. Select resolution center
  3. Explain why you want to cancel and submit it.

    From there it will be cancelled if its over 3 days or mutually cancelled with the seller.
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Reply to @natedemontigny: The seller can’t complete the order. The seller can deliver it, and the buyer has 3 days to review the order and mark it as complete, or to request modification. If the buyer does nothing for 3 days, the order is automatically marked as complete by the Fiverr’s system.

After the order is marked as complete, the buyer has 13 days to request a cancellation and thus get a refund. If the seller refuses to accept the cancellation, you can contact Customer Support and ask them to cancel for you.

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