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Make Multiple Gigs Configurable


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After getting a positive response from my fellow sellers in the Tips for Sellers section, I am hereby declaring my request that multiple gigs become optional, as they can interfere with normal workload. Some agreements have been that sellers with a normal workflow have to go on vacation when they get multiple gig orders, in order to catch up. Also, multiple gigs are subject to gig extras such as extra fast, making it a possibility that a seller ends up with orders for 5 or more of 1 item due in the same extra fast time frame as a single order. Also, the best suggestion from a seller has been to put a notice in the description that the seller only accepts one order at a time; however, having tried this myself, I can attest that it does not work.

So, whereas multiple gigs may be good for fulfilling simple items, and certainly a gift horse not to be looked in the mouth; sadly some sellers do have too much business to accommodate them properly. Instead of getting rid of them, the best solution seems to be making them optional, or as one bright seller suggested, at least configurable; i.e. exempt from extra fast or other extras if above a certain number, or being able to add more time if over a certain number.

Thank you for listening.

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