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Request for new type of request modification feature & increase gig limit to 50


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All my fellow sellers support by hitting like if you think these features should be added to fiverr.

1 = Remove Gig creation limit or Increase upto 50 Gigs per account. Current Limit = 20

Reason and Suggestion = I am graphic designer i started giving full time to fiverr. Today i was creating gigs and made a list of services which i can sell on fiverr. I got to know I have around 49 services. But due to limit i cannot sell more then 20. Atleast make the limit upto 50 Services Not 20. It will help all other sellers too.

Also Allow only 1 gig dedicated to one service. Do not allow multiple gigs for same service.

2 = Request Modification Feature should be like this.

Reason = Currently request modification feature button only appears when someone send delivery. I think its not the right way.

In current Request modification case mostly users never click on request modification as fiverr is 5$ and they try other sellers to get more high end design. But i don’t think this is fair for seller specially who newly started. Fiverr is all about business. Handling buyers and sellers at one place, So feature should be equal to both. You definitely know that fiverr has message based system in one shot its not possible for anyone to finish a order in one shot.

So i believe Request Modification button should be like this and according to gig time.

For example gig time is = 5 days.

I did some order and submitted the draft with in 24 hours from the time a buyer ordered. So there should be a Separate Draft button as well on the order page at sellers end. So that sellers can submit their work as first draft first.

If a buyer needs changes there should be a Request modification button directly appearing for the buyer to click on it to start changes.

This will give time to seller to solve all issues with buyer and at the end he can mark the order deliver.

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