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Your ratings aren’t good. One of your gig is 0%, the two orders you had said you failed to deliver on time. The other is 50%. That’s not a good look. You might have to increase the length of the gig if you can’t handle the workload. I don’t know if you delete and restart your gigs might help. Advertise your stuff on youtube or twitter.

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My tips!

  1. Delete the gigs you have with under 95% rating, and start over. Low ratings, like bearlysine said, looks really bad and deters from other people ordering from you because they might think you might not be able to do a good job or even deliver one (2 buyers cancelled your gig because you didn’t deliver on time)

  2. Increase order times to a 5+ days, you need to consider that many of your sellers live in North America. The time zones of North America differ greatly from the Philippines.

  3. Add videos to your gig. Buyers like to see that there’s a real person that’s willing to do their work. Also helps the buyer better connect with the seller. Another thing is that there will be a higher chance that your gig will be featured on the front page for a day or two.

  4. Clear, specific description of what you are offering in each gig. Many sellers like everything listed for them so they know what they’re paying for. For example:

    a. “I will help you convert your PDF files to Word Document for $5” - you say “Please message me first on how many pages you have before getting my gig.” A lot of buyers will look at your gig for one minute and will have no time to contact you and ask how many pages you will convert and just move on to another gig that specifically tells you how many pages they are going to convert.

    b. “I will add 300+ Real Youtube Subscribers to your channel fast for $5” - you say “I will add 300 plus youtube subscriber and I guarantee that everything will be delivered really fast and safe.” - Will they be from China? The Philippines? North America? Will they be able to speak English? How does the seller know that the followers are “real”? Answer all questions buyers may ask in your gig description.

    Just my two cents 🙂
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Well one thing you can do is get popular through social networking. I can Get you followers in both Instagram and Twitter which will boost your sales. Also If you want to get the word out I can provide retweets so that your product will be shown to thousands of people. This will boost your income and sales!!!

Yours Truly,


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