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New here! In desperate need of some advice, will offer free services to those who can help!


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Urk, hi! I just recently discovered fiverr and joined yesterday and started up my first service/gig. But I have had absolutely no views at all and was wondering if there is any way to get traffic to my gigs without having to share my fiverr services on other social media accounts?

I am a graphics designer and I’m offering to make custom iphone/ipad wallpapers for people.

I’d also love some feedback about my general gig services; i.e., do you think it’s original? Do you think my services are up to scratch? Do you think I presented my work well? Should I add more examples? Ect…

I’d love any help people can offer, all advice is greatly appreciated and I’ll happily make the person who gives the most helpful advice a free iPhone/ipad wallpaper if they wish~~ Thanks!!

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Guest peppermint_wish


Welcome to Fiverr! your gig looks detailed enough to me. I love the example you have there, so cute~~ I would put one more picture with beer if i were you, but that sample speaks for itself.

The gig description sounds good enough as well. Sounds detailed enough and makes me want to order -except i would sadly waste money because i don’t have a smartphone of any kind and the person i know and has one…doesn’t really care about these things.

I "favorite"d your gig for future reference, because i hope to get a smartphone in the future 😉

New sellers have a hard time at the beginning. 😕 maybe you could add a few more gigs for other types of services as well? I would also recommend trying out other freelancing sites … Fiverr for me is for some change on the side … haha 😉 and it’s fun 😉

i hope this helps some. good luck!

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