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STOP taking away from the hard work of sellers!


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Hello Fiverr staff,

TO: CEO, and all others in ownership and leadership positions.

First and foremost, this is not meant for a rant but instead putting into a perspective a growing issue on fiverr.

Charge-backs from buyers is starting to hurt the economy and morale on fiverr as a whole.

A perspective to look at is as follows:

  1. A charge-back for a $5 gig takes a $5 gig to replace.

    -Most of the time its the same amount of time and easy to come back from

  2. A charge-back for a $30 gig takes SIX $5 gigs to fix. (This could take an extra 2,5,6 hours even DAYS to recover from)

  3. A $100 charge-back makes it near impossible for someone to make make money at all as it would take TWENTY $5 gigs which for some people is HOURS AND HOURS if not WEEKS of work because somebody decided to screw them over.


    It’s understood that If someone gets gigs worth $100 chances are they will usually get the same back in some cases as their particular gig is worth it. But others may have received the $100 gig out of luck and doing a LOT of extras in it as a one time deal not easily replaced.

    To prevent this from happening and the potential loss of membership to fiverr, as well as further income, start fighting back with paypal and credit cards this is happening to. If you show that something was delivered as purchased Paypal and most credit card companies WILL work with you.

    However obviously if it is a stolen card, then this will not work and of course the funds should be returned to them.

    Not protecting the sellers here is severely hurting some of them to the point its worthless for them to continue to try to make money as the site was and IS intended to help them with.
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Guest pinnacle_lawyer

I agree, whilst I haven’t had a fiverr charge back yet, the seller has a right to prove their case. If evidence is shown to Paypal or the bank that the service was provided as agreed, more often than not, Paypal and the Bank will reverse the chargeback in the sellers favour.

I have vast experience in arguing chargeback cases on the behalf of sellers and if the seller provides good evidence, Paypal and the bank will generally take their side.

Would be nice to hear from fiverr admin regarding this issue. As fiverr takes 20% from sales they are less disadvantaged from a chargeback than a seller. To put things in perspective a $20 chargeback costs fiverr $4. Fiverr would probably need to spend at least 1 hour in wages preparing a response to the chargeback, lets estimate $20. Therefore for fiverr to even potentially reverse a $20 chargeback they are going to be

negative -$16, best case scenario and negative -$20 worst case scenario.

Therefore, It’s probably in Fiverr’s direct financial interest to only pursue large chargebacks of $100+.

On the flipside of the coin, however, A real possibility is good sellers no longer offering their service on fiverr, or scaling back their services. This could cause fiverr significant longterm harm as a result of not defending chargeback matters.

Financial benefits aside, It’s in the interest of society and the community at large for chargebacks to be defended where evidence exists that the seller provided the service as agreed. Not protecting sellers, who have their hands tied, (and are unable to defend the chargebacks themselves) enables a situation where criminals and fraudsters gain free services at the expense of the hard working fiverr sellers.

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