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Seller View - Private Job Notes/Names

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Hey Guys,

I’m loving Fiverr (fairly new, just a couple of months) - the good news is, I’m getting busier each day!

I’m sure most of you will understand, that getting lots of orders especially in the Voice Over world, can sometimes get confusing… with usernames, scripts, different versions etc…

Have you ever thought how cool it would be, to be able to write a quick note (private) or call the gig something else, just on YOUR dashboard? All of my gigs are called ‘Be your British Male VoiceOver’ - but it would be so useful if I could call them different things, for my reference, IE:

  • Quick Radio gig, needs a dry version of the read.
  • Longer charity read, will need royalty free music by tomorrow.
  • Waiting for customer to come back with typo correction…

    Would love to see this option added!



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