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Orders are angry with me


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After a two month vacation when i came back to my job.

I found that most of my customers choose any other sellers Now i am very worried because my customers and my order are angry with me…

And i am not taking orders can anyone tells me that what can i do So that my order became happy with me and came fast.

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What do you mean they are angry with you? Your English is a little confusing.

Are you saying that you used to get a lot of orders from buyers. Then you took a 2 month vacation. Then you came back from vacation and you have not been making as many sales as you did before?

If I am guessing what you mean, your buyers are not angry with you, they just needed work done while you were away on vacation mode so found other sellers to do what they needed, that’s all.

So what you need to do is just give it time to get new buyers who will order. Kind of like how it was when you first signed up with Fiverr, it takes a little while to start getting orders. A long vacation can kind of bring you back to a little bit of a starting mode.

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