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From A Buyer's Perspective, Finally


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I’m a disabled comedian. Like most men, I have no purpose in life except to give my love away. I run an online digital comedy club where I have made 182 purchases from 159 buyers to create a social empire; appraised by Vocus at $13,000. I have hired 12 Fiverr seller’s to perform jokes I penned for them including a talking dog, a Zombie, Southern twins, a Muslim at Burj Al Khalifa or Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer. I created a BBC Breaking News Flash & had my face-pained with my country flag, purchased virtual assistant whom I speak with everyday since July 11, 2012, tweaked my Tumblr, hired a fake girlfriend, purchased CG intro’s & outro’s such as a Jamaican climbing a tree or an Indian cooking Poori written in the letters of my website or a clown touring his haunted house. I hired a puppet to sing my theme song. I have weeded out frauds. Hired students to pass out my newspaper feature Florida to Yale to Chicago to California. I have no buyer’s remorse which is shocking because I am known to be a stingy tight-fisted miser. The Fiverr Support Team is on the ball. Lightning fast service. Although they have no phone support they compliment all other support staffs!

eBay for example once changed their terms without notifying the sellers causing me to lose $200. I asked him “How am I supposed to be sleep at night” so they called the Police to my home because they said I was suicidal.

Fiverr cares more than my banker, even more than my therapist. It’s a family here. I have had 2 gorgeous woman in the UK make me a thank you tribute. So confident in my connections with Fiverr & the future of my business, I invested in a comedy cafe in Amman, Jordan where I perform in my native tongue & where my class is offered for free.

I aim to rid the streets of gangs. I pledge to contain the corruption out there by channeling it into intelligent stage-time for audiences. NeverRepeataJoke.com is the singular way to counter terrorism. To absolve extremism. To shepherd youth who are lost in our country. Fiverr is my dream-catcher. Thank you.

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