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An FAQ page for each seller

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This is sort of like a “dream” feature, rather than an actual request, but I think it might be cool to be able to add a FAQ section to your account or maybe even to each gig. I think a lot of sellers answer the same questions over and over and the limited character space in each gig description makes it difficult to cover all of those questions. Plus, I wouldn’t want to put something like “Please don’t message me asking for a discount,” in my gig description (no room/is more aggressive than I’d like to be in my sales copy), but that is something I could address on a FAQ page.

For example, mine might look like:


Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: I cannot offer a discount on top of my already discounted services.

Q: Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

A: Unfortunately, I cannot offer any additional discounts at this time.

Q: Will my order actually take (x) days?

A: Most of the time, for standard orders, turnaround will be half or less than half of stated delivery times. All gig delivery times are extended to provide for bulk orders and large projects.

Q: Do you offer expedited services?

A: Not at this time. (Or: Under special request. As the case may be)

etc., etc.

I know that there are already a good chunk of buyers that don’t read the gig description, so why bother adding something else they won’t read? Because it would allow sellers to redirect questions to the FAQ, instead of constantly having to answer the same questions over and over and over again.

Anyway, like I said, more of a “dream” feature than something that would be necessary/helpful for most users.

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I could actually see how that could be useful, even if a “dream feature.” It’s totally true that many buyers don’t read gig descriptions, but not all sellers have the room and/or know how to format things for different kinds of readers.

I could see the gig description as a place for sellers to write out the basics (hopefully) in paragraph form. A FAQ page could be created nicely if Fiverr offered a form that had sellers fill in limited character fields with Question followed by Answer. When the form was complete, it could generate a nice:

Q. Do you accept and correct photographs of people with blue skin?

A. If they are Smurfs or Kentucky Fulgates, yes.

Q. Can you make labels for live animals?

A. No, I only label inanimate objects.

I think it would be helpful because some people like to read things in paragraphs, see screen shots/images, etc. Other people are much better at reading things in bullet/number/Q-A lists.

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