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Where is my money? did fiverr swallow my money? please help


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i didn’t withdraw any funds but fiverr takes my other 4$ why?

till today i didn’t associate any paypal or fiverr revenue card so is that the case fiverr want to swallow my wage on apr 09, 15.

details about my revenue

$8 Earned - ($0 withdrawals + $0 used to order gigs + $4 pending clearance) = $4 available funds

may 01, 15 clearing funds pending clearance ($4)

apr 14, 15 revenue for order completion ($4)

apr 09, 15 funds cleared ($4)

mar 25, 15 revenue for order completion ($4)

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Reply to @daveaba: based on the dates you write, it does not look like the full 14 days has passed for each order.

But then you have a few confusing dates up top since May 1st did not happen yet, it’s only April 🙂

All of this takes time, so you shouldn’t be so worried yet. It’s not instant money. When did you do a withdrawl of the $4 revenues from Fiverr to deposit into Paypal?

Also, down the road you have to be aware a seller could ask for a refund. hoepfully not a lot but it does happen to all sellers every once in awhile.

And just out of curiosity why don’t you have a verified paypal account? Why not verify it?

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Guest ntr0311

That’s the problem I faced, My account was hacked and I lost around $200. Still Fiverr didn’t response propely

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Guest strokelogocomp

You should have to wait for 21 days. The same incident was held with me as well and i suddenly contact Paypal about the fund and they told me to communicate with Fiverr and i did the same. I just create a support ticket and ask for fund which was not reflected in my Paypal account due to non verified Paypal email address & i waited 21 days to get my money back which is around 24$. After waited 21 days i got my money back in my Fiverr account. I hope you will get your money back too. Have patience 🙂

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