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Strategy 2x2


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Level 2 for 2 monts after start!

Well, i become level 2 seller after 2 monts from my start on Fiverr, how is possible, Let’s see!

i Started with 2 gigs:


-3d animation

I saw this kind of animations with full extras is more than 15$

My strategy for theese 2 monts was More work , More time and low cash.

Yes this is little hard work but after 2 monts YOU’VE MOVED UP TO

THE PRO LEAGUE which mean more impressions for your gigs and more sales.

Another important thing is communication with buyers. Take care for every buyer and dont think only to get

cash , create relationship you will see they will return. In seo this is CRM which is so important for big companies.

Hope this 2x2 strategy will help.

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Hello everyone fiverr people!!! I become a level 2 seller in the shortest time i guess for its been only 2 weeks and i am very much happy to have a customer that always coming back to me ordering my gig because i deliver it not longer than my duration date or time of my gig. Im happy to be a FIVERR Seller.

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Reply to @solocorporation:

Sure. There are sellers who create their own after effects templates from scratch, and they can do whatever they want with the templates. I’m sure you’re also capable of animating a logo you design without any templates, and that’s fine.

But be careful with the licensing when you really need to use any template (like your football opening gig). You may risk your gigs removed, or the whole account banned if you receive a third-party complaint. Nowadays the template owners are concerned with the copyright, just like the case mentioned in the forum post I share.

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