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Where And How To Promote A Fiverr Gig


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Hello Fiverrers!

I did pretty well last month, I’ve not counted it up but I joined about 2 months ago, got to level 1 and withdrew $404 in my first month.

I made myself competitive, added video, linked to google +, overdelivered, enjoyed and was passionate about the gigs I delivered. I got some major traffic on my main gig, and great testimonials.

Now however something has happened and I’m not getting anywhere near as much traffic. I suspect that a dominant level 2 seller went in vacation mode for much of last month, but that wouldn’t be the whole reason, I’m sure.

So now I want to know how to promote my gig. I think I’m good for the on page promotion (except perhaps for the tags), and my customer service is good for repeat business, but where and how do you promote the gig? What have given people results?

I’ve even tried looking for fiverr gigs, but they are mostly about getting the description right and your customer service, but not much about actually promoting your gigs, and what kind of gig works where, on which sites.

Any ideas anyone?



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