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Intelligent buyer with details

Guest madisoncase

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Guest madisoncase

This article is to avoid misunderstandings and to improve the quality of your orders. And nerves seller 🙂

When a customer calls just like that (not the best option):

“Draw me a funny picture.” There are many questions and not to fall into an awkward position seller asks details. But if in addition to “a funny picture” have nothing else, better to say so. Best option:

“Draw me a funny picture, no matter what style, no matter pen or paint, but would be fun.” That’s when everything is clear. Some details, and very easy life 🙂

Well, if you need more detail, then you have all the details in order to write. Because of the time difference, it may not immediately get a response, and the order may be delayed. Or even to be performed is not good or canceled by the seller.

Before ordering please specify information, ask for an example of similar work, if that’s important to you. Especially if your order is not included in the scope of supply. May make a counter supply on your order.

I always tell my customers than detailed information about the order, the better the result. If you have any files to help more accurately fulfill your order, please provide them as well. All this is important and will improve your results.

Good luck for you, buyers!

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