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$268 in the First 28 Days - My Tips for Sellers

Guest shoutoutz

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Guest shoutoutz

Hello to the Fiverr community and welcome to my first post on how I’ve been able to achieve $268 in earnings in my first 28 days. Of that $268 earned, $243 of that was from just one of the 5 Gigs I currently have available.

Initially, I joined Fiverr in an attempt to find new advertisers for my InstaGram page (Fragglesrock) which is a page allowing car sellers to list their car(s) for sale.

After creating my first Gig selling shout outs for my InstaGram page, I began to brain storm on what other Gig(s) I could offer, with being a website developer that has built over 100 websites on Fragglesrock, the idea of a “Website Development” Gig quickly came to mind.

So I created a Gig called titled “I will develop you a unique and custom Wix website for $5”. Now, I don’t build entire websites for $5 however I do charge $5 “per” page, that word “per” is very important as that’s the reason I’ve been able to achieve nearly $300.

In just 28 days, my “Website Development” Gig has received 10,000 impressions, 554 Views & 284 clicks resulting in $243 in sales. I’m also proud to be able to say that I’ve also achieved and maintained a 100% feedback rating with the 8 reviews that have been left from the 12 orders.

My main suggestion(s) to both new and experienced Fiverr sellers would be to offer what you’re best at and be the best at it. Reviews on your service are the biggest factor of a potential buyers decision to purchase your Gig, put 110% in to your service and ALWAYS over deliver, there are thousands of competitors competing with you for a client, give prospects a reason to choose you over others.

Gig Description Tips:

This is your time to convince the potential buyer(s) as to why he/she should spend their money with you. First and foremost, be sure you have no grammatical errors in your description, keep it professional, well formatted and easy to understand.

Having a well organized, structured and easy to understand Gig description can increase the likeliness of your visitor buying your Gig by as much as 15% (This is from my own research I’ve done in the past on other platforms).

If you have a certain price for a particular service or an add on, “highlight” it, make certain points easy to see & understand, the easier it is for your buyer to understand what you’re offering, the more clicks the “Order Gig” button will receive.

Cover Photo

Fiverr allows you have a cover photo for a reason and that’s to allow sellers to differentiate themselves from other sellers, USE IT! It’s a great way to stand out from others and can increase sales quite a bit.

I didn’t add a cover photo to my Gig until yesterday though it’s not live as it hasn’t been approved yet by a Fiverr employee, but I’m sure when it is that my sales will increase even more!

To attain sales and to retain customers, you need to first offer a good service and then deliver a good service, always respond to messages quickly and “always” maintain your professionalism.

Good luck and I hope I’ve sparked some new ideas for you! 🙂

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Guest shoutoutz


On average 20-30 minutes per age and I charge $5 per page, in some special cases where more work is involved, I’ll charge $10 per page.

Also, in the past week I received a $20 and $50 tip, the $20 tip was on a $30 job where I received $50 total and the $50 tip was on a $35 job where I received $85.

These tip amounts were “not” included in the $268.

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