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Coming up to my first year on Fiverr


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Hello Fiverr!

After a successful first year on Fiverr, I thought I’d share my experience.

Like most of you, when I joined Fiverr, I didn’t have the first idea of how successful this venture would be.

Well, to start off, not very!

Fiverr isn’t very well known in the UK, and I heard about it through a friend who had had a Christmas song/jingle written and sung for him, for some video marketing he was doing. I was curious about how the whole Fiverr thing worked, so I had a browse, created an account and started to think about what I could do for my first gig.

Being an arty type, it was obvious to me that this was the kind of gig I wanted to create. I also have a family, I freelance, and I have a full time job, so I knew that I needed something that I could do relatively quickly. At the same time, I wanted to produce something that I would be proud of and happy to charge for!

My initial venture followed my enjoyment of graffiti, and especially of something known as ‘hand style’. It’s a kind of modern day calligraphy if you like, and I thought that doing names on Fiverr would be a great way to get even more practice.

It was a great learning experience, if not the most success gig! Learning about writing some blurb, image sizes that look good etc. All very useful stuff. But no orders. At this stage I can’t remember if I even knew about gig analysis, and I know I never checked how many impressions, views or clicks my first gig got.

Some weeks past, and no success. I wasn’t going to let this stop me, and kept thinking of gigs that fitted my brief.

I’ve always been a big fan of stencil graffiti, and have made images using this technique, such images of people for bits of art I’ve created. I’ve also made pretty simple portraits of myself to go on CVs, and a couple for a friend.

It struck me! Perfect!

My simple vector portrait gig was born, and, I started to get sales, pretty much straight away!.. Then, more and more!

It really took off big time when my gig appeared on the front page of Fiverr, and before I knew it, I’d made it to be a level 2 seller! Brilliant!

The rest is history, a short history, but still history!

I’ve had some ups, and some downs, like having my entire gig stolen, images and all, but that was dealt with by Fiverr’s excellent support swiftly and efficiently. I’ve produced some great work that I’m really proud of, and had a few, but not many, cancellations.

Nearly a year on, and I’ve now made a little over $3000 dollars, and have several repeat customers. The extra income has been very welcome, reducing the credit card bill and helping pay for treats for my family, which makes the whole thing very worthwhile!

All this has been with little external promotion, just through search results on Fiverr and a little good luck making the front page too. I have a google plus page for my work (https://plus.google.com/114786069966237011861/posts), not sure how many people that reaches, but I’m going to start a little more external promotion now, hence why I thought I’d share my story here first.

So, a long story short (is it bit late for that now?!), don’t be disheartened if a gig doesn’t work out!

I hope it gives people a little inspiration.

Thank you Fiverr, here’s to becoming a ‘Top Seller’!!



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