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Hello fiverr :) I am Sarah


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Hello @all 😃

I am Sarah, I study IT in the university of Vienna. I love to do stuff on the computer, but I’m addicted to travel the world. I do this work for get some money for my traveling and also because I love it 🙂

I will keep you updated about my success on fiverr.com. For the beginning I started normal gigs which I really can handle at the moment. But I am thinking about something special for the fiverr community. I already found a lot of great gigs here. I am already love fiverr, I hope I will have also success with my gigs, but we will see 😃

Here are my gigs, just check them out and let me know if you like it. http://fiverr.com/sarahs_world

I will keep you updated 😛

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Hello again :),

I feel really boring :P, can’t get sellers for my gigs. Also my gigs are viewed by 0 visitors, but that must be wrong. I know that my friends have visited them. Anyone knows why? 🙂

And yeah I promoted them on my personal fb and so on…

I hope anyone know why my visitor stat is at cero.

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Guest samix1990

Hello Sarah Best Of Luck On Fiverr. I am Samix (My Nick) ;)) I m also I student In University Of Karachi. Always here to help Fiverr Members. :)>-

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