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How to become 1 level seller for month - private experience

Guest madisoncase

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Guest madisoncase

  1. Fill out your profile at 100 percent. This will cause a lot more confidence in you, because you are still a beginner and your credibility into question. If you do not have an account on Facebook or Google create it a must!;



  2. Create all 7 gigs, unless of course you are confident in your abilities and have the opportunity to do so. If there is no such certainty, then create as much as possible;



  3. Use all the tricks of the CEO. Beautiful title, detail, but not boring description, catchy tags, beautiful pictures (preferably all three) and make sure the video with an example of your gig;



  4. Always be polite and attentive to the customer, even if he is unfriendly. The client may be just a bad mood, so lift up the mood 🙂



  5. Always respond to messages quickly. This will add you points from the buyer;



  6. Do a lot of work for 5 bucks. Let’s say 2-8 hours! But it works. This is your advantage over experienced sellers who just can not spend as much time as they have more orders;



  7. Use social networks to promote your gigs. Can promote them in real life through business cards or flyers;



  8. Use service “Buyer Requests” - one of the tools of your account. Great stuff!;



  9. If the buyer leave a comment, or even did not leave, we wish him all the best and invite back to your gigs;



  10. Always improves your gigs. You suddenly remembered that there is a better picture for gig, or you can record a video more suitable - do it and so ever;



  11. Use the new tool “My contacts”. Periodically remind about your gigs. But not impose;



  12. Do not waste your time in vain when you do not have orders, read the tips on the forum and use them. Think how else to improve your sales;



  13. Keep your head up and do not despair. Everything will be fine, and it’s good to you!
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