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Is it just me.. or is it a "Gamble" when viewers message you for "Custom" work?


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Share you stories,

Every time I get a message from a visitor that says

"Hey can you do this instead if I order a gig?"


"Hey I am looking for this type of work… can you do it for a gig?“

Then when once i deliver,

It’s a respond like

"What the hell? This is not your gig?? Where is “X” from your gig??”

"This is not acceptable?!!? Why are you not giving me what your gig offers?"

Yeah, I get that alot.

a little to much, I said it once i will say it again , The extortion of GIg’s has to stop.

  • It’s easy to just refund the buyer and not deal with him again… but what happens when this happens over and over again, ?

    all my time, and nothing in return, only stress.

    I Stopped doing custom demands.

    And what i realized the same “Flock” of people will take a different approach

    "Hey, Ill order your gig,“

    I deliver,


    the buyer says:

    ” Your gig is not clear…I am not happy I want you to create me more “X” for your gig"

    As i try to explain that transparency in communication etc… but at the end of the day,

    They only want one thing and its more.

    When i started Fiverr, I have never encountered these breed of people.

    What’s going on.

    Is it time to look for new ventures?

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I think some of the first buyers you describe might just be spammers trying to get free work.

However, I think you also need to not do a gig if it is not what your gig is. Politely just say that you are not able to do outside work, that you specialize in the gig that you are offering. In other words, don’t do any “insteads” of what your gig actually is.

And if you do go down that path again, before you accept it, write out something back to them to clarify. Don’t just say yes, you can do that. Say, I understand your request for the following: x, xx, xxxx. So if you would like to pay for X gigs then I will do exactly as you have requested in this message, which is different than the gig I originally am offering. Do you agree? If you do, then you can go ahead and buy teh gig, plus extras to total $XX.

Make it so once you deliver the work, if there is any question you can simply copy and paste back to them the whole email, what they asked for, what you agreed to and your confirmation of it.

Oh and as a side note why it may be happening more and more…Fiverr has grown more and more over the past few years.

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Unless it’s something very closely related to what I do anyway, I almost never do “custom” work. Like you said, you don’t really have any protections when the buyer comes back and says, “But your gig says (this)!” It does say that…sigh.

Unless you have a gig that is specifically for custom projects–I’ve seen a few users who have gigs called something like “I will complete the custom project we have discussed,” it’s probably not a good idea to go off book, especially if the buyer isn’t 100% clear in their instructions about what exactly they are expecting.

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Reply to @vsanto18: for a $5 gig, you should politely just say no right away. If this happens alot, just learn from it and do not do it anymore. Only higher priced orders and custom quotes should you be concerned about. And always write a very detailed list of what the custom order is, and what it includes for the price and have them say ok.

For a $5 gig, just politely say, no you do not do that however there are some other great sellers who I am sure have gigs that match your need. Thank you for contacting me. Good luck.

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My best suggestion would be to set clear details of what they will be purchasing via the custom order and what you will be delivering before creating a tailored Gig.

Don’t leave any wiggle room for them to even say "This is not your gig?? Where is “x’ from your Gig” Because it’s a custom Gig and stand alone Gig that both parties agree on. If they wanted something from “your Gig” they would have purchased “your Gig” or the Gig they’re stating in particular.

While Sellers aren’t responsible for a Buyer knowing and understand what they are purchasing - it doesn’t hurt to overly inform them of any “Gig terms” you have before you great a Custom Gig, as they have free will to deny or accept the Gig on your terms (not theirs). IE. Stating: This gig only includes “XYZ” as agreed upon previously between Buyer and Seller.

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Thanks for all the comments,

Let’s hope the best for our ventures. Even when trying to do honest business, we always get hassled: I have just offered the buyer a refund even if the work was delivered. I had to put a stop to this.

From buyer:
The seller as been shady since the beginning of this order. When I questioned their Gig versus what was delivered they agreed to deliver an extra item since that was what their Gig portrayed and said that they would deliver it in the morning. When I did not get it & questioned the delivery they requested to to cancel the order. If you check our communication you'll notice the dialogue. They are yet to respond.
SHADY!!!!!! I definitely know not to use your services again. I will gladly accept the refund.
This again solidifies my statement about you being misleading and shows that you have very low credibility
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