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I'll edit your gig description for free!


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Hey there!

I know that some of you here have great services but your description sucks, especially if you’re a non-native English speaker. I’m in a good mood so I’ll help you out and edit it for you 🙂

I feel like if we help each other out we can improve the overall experience for everyone here on Fiverr.

However I’ll only do it if your gig is legit and honest. If it violates the ToS, is an exact copy of someone else’s gig, or is in any way a sort of scam, I’ll tell you to go f*** yourself instead, and immediately report you 😉

If you have no idea if your description is awful or not, leave a link to it and I’ll take a look for ya.

Not sure if any of you will be interested, but if so leave a reply or send me a message! (and yes, “message”, not “massage” like a lot of you spell it :P)

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I like helping people out, and I want to improve the overall experience for everyone. I just know if I was in that position it would be nice if someone was willing to lend me a hand. Someone could be the world’s best designer but not do that well on Fiverr due to their bad English grammar. The problem is that too few people actually care…

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