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Since Buyers Are Becoming More Rude, I Think Fiverr Should Make A TOS System, am I right?

Guest lord_gigz

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Guest lord_gigz

 I don't know much about fiverr for sure but I will become a top seller soon, my gigs are off the hook!!. I have been going through the forum and I have read numerous posts and comments of buyers trying to cheat the system e.g (Asking For Refunds Once You Deliver The Work, Opening Cases up in paypal, being rude and insulting, threatening sellers with bad reviews if they do not do extra work).<br />

Fiverr should realize that it is first for the freelancers then second for the buyers, after-all without the sellers fiverr will be nothing.


Fiverr should create a TOS (Terms Of Service) system, in which a buyer before even placing an order must agree to TOS set by that particular seller. This way it will make the resolution of bad reviews and the sorting out of discrepancies easier.


Also, once a buyer has placed a good review, no refunds could be made from then but modifications could still be requested within 72hrs and If the buyer stays 48 to 72 hours without reviewing then it should automatically give a good review or disable reviews for that particular buyer on only that job.


It might be alot but this way the buying and selling equality will be 50-50 or even a 60-40 in favor of the sellers, afterall as I said earlier, we are much more valuable to fiverr than the buyers.


Is this smart or is this a dumb rookies mindset 🙂 … I want to know!

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