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I have a bulb but don't met anyone yet who are in dark


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i don’t know why but this is not lie. “have no orders” this is a big problem

like me New Arrival.sharing gig on facebook twitter and other social sites

are not Enough with my lucky to get order.this is my Latest questions.what are

the best and more best methods in 2015 with fiverr for New Arrival like me ???

please help…

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I would reword the titles; poorly written English can turn buyers away very quickly as a lot of buyers on here are from the U.S, and if they see poor english, they may worry that communication between the buyer and themselves may be poor.

The other thing is patience! Even as someone who is a level two seller, if I start a new gig, it can take a while to get my first sale. Hope this helps 🙂


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