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I need artwork for my poetry book!


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I need an eye-catching cover for my poetry book. If you see the aerosol artist @lowdown and his works, that is the style I’m looking for. I would like a digital illustration in that same style, with a couple almost touching lips or a boy kissing a girl’s neck from behind. Or maybe just a guy’s muscular body, with the title and author name in the middle. The theme of the poetry is inescapable and gritty love…loving someone who is messy and scarred.

I also need illustrations for the inside of the book, which will interpret each of my poems, which I will send you for inspiration. Those pictures on the inside will be black and white, and can either be digital illustration in the same style as the cover or simple yet meaningful sketches. If you can draw bodies well, that is a plus. So basically, it is up for discussion.

I am looking for one (or two) artists that can accomplish this. Attached is the original idea for the cover. But i think it’s much too predictable now. I no longer want stars or galaxy. I still love the pose that the couple is in, though. And the closeness of it.

Anyways, please post there if you think you are capable of doing this. Attach some of your work, if you can.

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