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My new experience with fiverr -not so good until now


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My name is Lorena and I am at Fiverr since last month.

I had my first order yesterday, for a flyer from here: https://www.fiverr.com/lorenai/design-an-awesome-flyer-poster-brochure-for-printing-or-post-on-facebook

So… I start working at the flyer, I try to do my best and spend more that 2 hours working at it.

When I finish the flyer, I send it, and I recived this answer: “not what i expected.” and ask for calncel the order.

I didn’t accept and I write to him: “Ok, then please give me more details and I will redisign this or made another one” (because at first he told me to “surprise him” with the design.

He tell me: "Yes but sorry,… i have to cancel… "

So… I didn’t have another order and I really hope to start making money on Fiverr. Please give me an advice if you have one for me.

Take a look at the flyer I made for him: http://s2.postimg.org/s03rc9oug/Flyer_mock_up.jpg

I think he just want to make a free flyer for him and he ask me because he seen I did’t have no order.

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I would suggest a watermark on the preview file and definitely in .jpg or .png. Based on only what you said, that flyer is nice. Be sure to post it yourself on a personal portfolio with a watermark. Even a free site is fine and other artists (I am not) can recommend a place. Do a reverse image search for the image occasionally and if you catch him using it you can file against him and make him stop using it. Look up DCIM takedowns.

If you can offer up that kind of work originally and consistently you will probably make some good sales. Keep it cheap for now, like you did, and offer sorce files for only a little more. Later (level 2) you’ll be able to charge $5 for simple work and sell work like that for much more. In the meantime seeing what you can do, I need to think of an image I need done before your prices go up!

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