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Questions and thoughts about "requested gigs."


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I did a search for other threads, but none that I’m aware of covered quite what I’m thinking about.

I often see jobs in the requested gigs sidebar that I could perform.

Is the only way to do one of those gigs to create a custom gig for that one job?

I wish there were a fast way I could do certain gigs without having to create a gig itself.

Did I miss something? The requested gigs, is the only way to do them if I already have an accommodating gig or create a new one?

Maybe I will create a couple new simple gigs, but is that how it’s done to fulfill a requested gig?

Maybe my question is silly, but I’d love it if I could make a deal through fiverr through requested gigs without creating a new gig. I’m just saying.

If I missed another similar conversation, pardon, I didn’t see that thread, but if you’re aware of such a thread, i wouldn’t mind you posting a link here so I can read the thoughts.

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I think it will be better if you make a separate gig for this. Come up with a name like ’ i will do the gig i contacted you for’. Talk about your abilities and what possible stuff you can do. If possible attach a video explaining your versatile skills 🙂

I hope this helps… i will follow this thread as I need some similar help too!

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