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An Idea on how to sell more gigs


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Hey guys

Im new here so you can take what I say with a grain of salt, but with that being said…

I have some ideas on how you can improve your FIVERR gig listings to get more people to buy

  1. Nobody cares about YOU

    I know its hard to hear…

    but people DO NOT care about YOU

    people care about THEM

    When people are reading your gig, they are not thinking

    "Wow this guy/gal is so cool, smart, neat,funny"

    "Wow he had a degree in philosophy"


    they are thinking…

    "How can this schmuck help me improve my life or solve my problem?"

    This is a mindset thing… start remembering that people care about themselves and you’re better off

  2. Similar to #1…Start using the word YOU like 10X as much

    Heres what You get

    You’ll receive

    You can now

    You’ll be able to

    You won’t have to ever

    You can rest easy

    You’ll learn

    You get

    You need






    People PERK UP when they see the word YOU…

  3. Tell them how they benefit… not the features

    My gig has this… My gig does that…


    Tell them how they benefit…

    So you went to law-school… WHO CARES… how does that help THEM?

    I went to law-school so Ill be able to get your butt outta that ticket and sue that cop and get you MONEY

  4. Make your writing EASY TO READ





    Short Sentences. Also Work. Because people’s mind. Start to Drift. Off

    Double Spacing

    Is Easy on the eyes…

    Don’t you agree?

  5. Always remember you are here to HELP other people…

    Best of luck to you all

    –Greg 🙂
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Guest apexservice

Hello i think its a great post on fiverr, its really inspiring me, thanks to share like this type of post… keep it up bro


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Uhh, you’ve been on Fiverr since July 2013 and you only have one gig, that as far as I can tell, has no completed orders.

I appreciate that you’re drumming up business by posting ‘relevant content’ in the forum, but you’d be more efficient posting in locations with a better ‘target audience’. The majority of Fiverr forum users are sellers and they don’t buy very many gigs. 😉

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