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I will promote your gig on Facebook for FREE

Guest creativelogos2

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Guest creativelogos2


I Have facebook friend 5000. you just Share your gig i submit my facbook wall.

Please collect my gigs, and post your gigs here. I will post you a screenshot of tweets here or in your inbox as proof.

Please collect those my gigs:

**** I will design a killer and creative logo for your website, business, company, blog, product etc

**** I will design Creative professional LOGO for your business, brand, company,website etc



ThankS … :x

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Guest itsyourthing

Hi creativelogos2. Thank you! I’m collecting your gigs, and here is my gig ™ that I would like you to promote:

Can I ask how you listed so many versions of the same gig ™? I thought each seller was only allowed to create one gig ™ for each type, like only one LOGO gig ™ per seller.

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