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Advice for Voiceover Buyer Requests


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Good afternoon!

My name is Jeremy, but you might know me as RedLeafConsult on Fiverr.com. I’m a full time professional voiceover artist and offer basic services through Fiverr.

If you’re a buyer getting ready to post a Buyer Request for a voiceover project, I’d like to offer you a few pieces of advice that will help me - and other voiceover sellers like me - give you the best quote possible:

  1. List your job’s word count or run time. We can’t give you an accurate proposal without knowing how big the job is.

  2. List the desired delivery time. Knowing how quickly you need the project delivered helps us determine whether we have room in our schedules and aids in setting our pricing.

  3. List any requirements that come with the job. For instance, if you want a male or female voice, special accents or languages, character voices, background music, specific styles (announcer, movie trailer, documentary, etc. vocal styles), and other details we would need to know ahead of time.

  4. List a general purpose for the job. It helps to know if we’re bidding on an explainer/whiteboard video, phone system greeting, audiobook, etc.

    A few examples of voiceover Buyer Requests that give me all of the information I would need to provide you with an accurate proposal are below.

  • 60 second radio commercial voiceover. Deep, male voice with a radio announcer sound needed in 3 days or less.

  • 500 word whiteboard video narration in 24 hours. Female, French speaking voice.

  • 2 minute hold message with background music. Male or female, Midwestern American accent. Needed before April 5.

    By giving us (your friendly Fiverr.com sellers!) the information we need up front, we can be sure that our proposals to you are accurate and that there are no surprises after you’ve placed an order.

    Thank you and I look forward to working with you soon!



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I have a question for you because I was confused reading part of this. You said you were a voiceover seller and that you are about to post a Buyer Request for a voiceover project. Did you mean that you are going to try to respond to some Buyer Requests? Your tips seem to be for Buyers, but if you are posting a Buyer Request yourself that would seem to make you a buyer, so I’m confused.

Your tips look interesting. I think it will be hard for some buyers to cram the info they would like to list into the small field even though you gave some compact ideas. I would agree that it would help if buyers would make sure to specify the types of things they need when they message you at least, if not in the request field. Good luck with your sales!

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Thank you for your response, fonthaunt.

I’m a voiceover seller who often can’t accirately respond to Buyer Requests because they don’t include enough information for me to determine pricing and details.

I posted in the Buyer Tips section to (hopefully!) help Buyers post more complete Requests.

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