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Thinking of expanding my services


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This may be reaching out to a small demographic, but on reading stories about SEO and PPC and the like, I wondered if any of you fellow Fiverrs had any input on the following? (Buyers and Sellers both welcome to comment!)

I have experience in off-page SEO, link building etc. on-page SEO, analytics etc. and Adwords/PPC. I was thinking of creating a gig offering ad creating and another offering reporting (so for $5 basic a clean sweep of a website initially just commenting on what issues there might be) with a view to offer a full on-page analytical report for custom prices etc.

I read before on the forum that SEO doesn’t do that well in terms of selling due to the nature of the work (having to wait 3-4 months to see successful results) - but from an ad-building and reporting point of view, is this likely to cater to buyers on Fiverr?

Just looking for some initial thoughts before thinking of expanding my services.


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