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I need review about my gigs


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Ok a few quick comments…first you need to properly fill out your profile, it is empty. It needs to say about yourself and your training and your experience. Also, what is with the number 19? It made me wonder if you are only 19 years old. So that is why you should be sure to put if you graduated from college or what kind of professional work or any kind of training you have.

Also, if you are offering video services, for example, I clicked on your Youtube Gig, you should be uploading your video here to Fiverr, not make buyers have to go watch it on Youtube, it makes it look like you are just trying to scam us and get ad revenues.

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I think your gigs have tremendous potential.Video is very hot.You have a huge target market.

What’s not good - 3 of your gigs are worded too similar and leave the reader confused.You need to differentiate each offering and write it down very clearly.Each offering has to be unique remember.

Post some more videos: ensure that they are appealing and longer than the ones you posted. I think you are on to something.

Put some information about your past achievements related to video production.

I was also expecting a video about you talking about your offer on Fiverr 🙂

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