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Starting To Think Buyers Target New Sellers


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I’m really starting to believe sneaky buyers are looking for new sellers to run scams on.

Please forgive me for rehashing some details I already posted on another thread, but I need to give details so it makes sense to those who did not read my origional post, on another thread.

I have this buyer, whom I posted on previously, who sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted his order, but before I could respond, he/she sends me the order!

Then, when I reply asking for details for the review he wanted, all I get is a link to a book.

So, I send another request for details, and again, nothing except the link to the book on Amazon.

I posted a question on this forum under another topic, and asked what to do in my situation, and was advised to just do the review and send it to the buyer, or risk receiving a negative feedback.

So, again, I send asking for details, and again, I get nothing but the link.

So, I went ahead and did the review and sent it to the buyer. All of a sudden he/she can write real words! The buyer says ya, great review, but why isn’t it posted on the Amazon reviews page!!!???

It is impossible to avoid instances such as these because there is no function on Fiverr to accept or reject an order. Once the buyer send the order, you are stuck either doing the job, or risk getting unwarrented feedback, which is not good for business.

I see the scam here. Look for a new guy, and try to pull a fast one.

Anyone else have similar experience?


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Guest mrspanda

You can always do ‘mutual cancellation.’ I have had someone do something similar to me and I contacted customer support about it. I told customer support that this person was not responding. I pocketed the money for my time spent trying to communicate with him, told him he had credit for 1 gig with me, and that since he was still not answering, I told him that he can take it up with Customer Support if he decides there is a problem.

Let CS take care of people like that.

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