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Giveaway FREE! Drawing hot girls with signboards/messages!


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A good way to get my gigs going is to get ideas from other people. My initial idea was to post tribute art to the fiverr users that have helped me during my time here. Soon, i came up with an idea as a game from which the whole community could benefit from.

So here is the competition:

Provide me with the details (clothing, colors to be used) of a hot/provocative/cute/beautiful/geeky/nerdy/sweet/innocent girl together with a brief message you want to see on the signboard… it can be your logo/watermark as well. Perhaps a devilishly hot witch holding an evil sign? a female warrior? Conan’s wife? cartoonised version of Scarlett Johanssen’s black widow holding your logo? It could also be a beautiful rapunzel like girl! Maybe, a workaholic secretary? ooh i know: A female version of Superman holding the sign ‘buy this gig or die’. Perhaps a sweet young teenage girl holding a sign that says 'this gig is awesome’

Your choice, your girl, your message. Here is your chance!

I will select three (only 3,maybe 4 or 5 if i like your ideas) winners in sometime and draw 1 picture for each of you.

I am basically looking for an idea that can surprise and amaze me. I know the possibility is quite narrow but I am sure there are spectacular minds out here. A hilarious message, or a cool logo are amongst the other things i am looking for. If someone can suggest a better idea for the gig name or topic, i would be thankful. Use of mind blowing and seductive words also attracts me (oh god why 8-|)…

Remember: i am not yet the best artist here so refrain from making me feel bad about bad curves/coloring. Also, i can draw the girls with the most perverted clothes you can imagine :P. The drawings can also be nice and decent so that you can add them to your gigs perhaps?!

I have been trying to get back into practice of drawing and have been thinking of different ideas for my gig. Check it out first.


P.S english is not my first language so spare me for mistakes 😦

Thanks, forward unto dawn we go!


Edit: accidently added not one, but TWO wrong sized images and now i dont know how to remove them. Kill me


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Reply to @sincerelymegan: Hehe thank you for taking part in this. You are my first winner since not many people are looking at this post. Well, I have a big gig that i am working on, so i will contact you in a couple of days if that is okay :). I really like this cute/hot idea haha ^-^

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