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Hey guys, I have a question regarding level 2 status :)


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Hey guys, I’m currently a level 1 seller

Orders come spontaneously, some days I have 4 orders, while sometimes I don’t even have orders for 5 consecutive days.

In order to achieve level 2, it is said that you need to complete 50 orders within 2 months.

My question is, in 2 months, as in 60 days after you achieved level 1 ? or after the date we signed up for fiverr …

or it doesn’t matter 🙂

thanks guys 🙂

good luck to all

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I believe it is 50 orders in 60 consecutive days, regardless of when you started on Fiverr or posted your gig. I became Level 1 in 1 month but took me 3 months after that to gain Level 2.

Hope that helps and good luck with getting to Level 2! 🙂

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