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Be Cautious! Bad Intention buyers


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Hi fellow sellers,

I while ago, I had a buyer who ordered one of my gigs without inboxing me first. The buyer ordered quite impressively that it got my attention (normally I’d ask to cancel the order for violation)…so I decided to go ahead and take on the task.

Little did I know that was the biggest mistake ever! When I was about to deliver, the client vanished from Fiverr (don’t know how) so I couldn’t deliver. It past the delivery deadline and the client was not reachable till like 6 days later of complaining to Fiverr Customer Support he/she decides to show up and write-up a bad review and cancel the order.

What is that, really?..Learnt my lesson. Be careful Fiverr Sellers!!!

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The Buyer doesn’t have to contact a Seller before ordering, even if it’s noted in your Gig details - Fiverr simply cannot force a buyer to do such thing. There are no current terms in place for this.

With that said, if the client “vanished” it’s likely the Buyer closed their account, or had their account closed down by Fiverr. They could have violated Fiverr’s TOS, but you will never really know as this is a private matter.

A Buyer does not have the ability to “reactivate” their account if their account is truly deleted you should ask Customer Service how to handle the order.

Keep in mind: This isn’t typical here on Fiverr and does not effect a Seller negatively, should it ever occur during an active order.

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