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Have A Buyer Request For Social Media Services? STOP being SILLY about it!


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Yes! Let me throw it out there now. I offer Facebook page likes. Real ones via promotion through my own small network!

OK. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s keep this post on topic.

Please, PLEASE, please do NOT make this a topic about the ethics of buying Facebook likes. Real or fake.

Now ladies and gents onto my point.

I browse the “Buyer Request” feature all the time looking for new clients to offer my gig too. I am so tired of seeing ridiculous requests followed by ridiculous demands. Let me break a sample request down.

" Looking for 500 000 Facebook likes in 2 days. These must be real people with a no drop guarantee ".

Anyone see a problem here?

How could ANYONE guarantee 500 000 Likes in two days? Or even a year for that matter!


Celebrities and hell, the President (OR PM) himself could not do that! If a celebrity could not promote your Facebook page and guarantee 500 000 likes in two days (Or a month even) then why would you think someone here on Fiverr could?

If you want 500 000 Likes you are going to get BOTS! It’s really that simple! Nobody could guarantee that amount of real likes. So really buyers… be realistic and let sellers that offer a decent service send you a decent offer.

Another thing I want to touch up on.

Numerous times I get messages asking why I don’t offer that many likes with my gig. The simple answer? Because they are not Bots and the likes will not drop.

Why do Likes drop?

Because Facebook Deletes BOT accounts! Sooner or later they find and delete every fake account. C’mon ladies and gents. It’s Facebook! They find them!

When the fake accounts get deleted… the like drops because the account is gone!

I always say… " Go ahead. Try that Seller that sells 10 000 likes for a Fiverr. Eventually all the likes will be gone and you’ll be left with nothing. Or worse ". I don’t sell a zillion likes but at least they never drop! Sooner or later it all adds up.

So yeah. Buyers please be realistic with your demands. If you want 500 000 Likes you are going to get Bots… that will eventually all drop. There’s no way anyone can offer that amount of real people. Period.

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So the buyers who are looking for that amount of likes, probably aren’t going to be the ones reading this forum. So you are kind of preaching to the forum.

There is nothing wrong with selling real advertising and promotional spots, which it sounds like it might be what you are doing. People buy advertising space all the time, that’s normal. But the internet is riddled with the promises of high like purchases, not just Fiverr.

But facebook is also changing, it’s not just fake accounts, but inactive and people that are not active with a given pages are being dropped as well supposedly as of this past March.

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Ya @sincere18. I am preaching a little to the forum… and maybe venting a little.

But those same people that post those request you find on the forum complaining about dropped likes and such. Ha ha.

As for what I do? Sort of. I promote to a group I’ve built up of Likers. So… not really promoting… but safe.

My likes don’t convert to real fans that well though. Most of them don’t even look at the pages they like. It’s all just for a small safe boost, usually to get a page started off. ( Nobody likes to be the first ones to a party ). I always say: You can buy a like but not a Fan.

Again for @sincere18 - You are right. FB is changing. Not quite like that though. They are mostly targeting Bot accounts for page removal. They had to slightly change their policy because people were complaining. Such as: " Just because I’m not active on a page doesn’t mean I don’t read the posts. Who are you (Facebook) to tell me what I can and can’t like"?

So… mainly Bots are being targeted. And inactive accounts in general. Funny thing… inactive accounts are Bots 99% of the time. That’s why they’re inactive. lol.

I’ve never lost a like. In 4 years I’ve lost 1 liker. That’s a pretty good record I think. And they abandoned their account and started a new one because they were getting spammed. Ha ha.

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