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I need review about my gigs please!tell me what's not going good


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I’m a logo designer so I’m going to help you on your logo gig:

The front cover Img is important dont just put a random logo as first picture if you are a graphic designer try to make it look better put also some info’s on your gig cover to attract more clients 🙂

as second and third picture you can add more logos that you did.

The description that you wrote is ok you overdeliver so for the moment is ok later on I suggest you to give less and rise your price.

The first sale is very important clients will never buy to some one who has 0 orders so try to get a sponsor first maybe 2 ^^ I was lucky to find a friend who needed a logo and it gived me the jump start after that I start receving clients.

Marketing is also important get social!

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