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Logo designers on Fiverr, do you know many professionals are hating you?


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Many professional logo designers outside the Fiverr community particularly hate Fiverr, from Folyo’s experiment on the $5 logo, JUST™ Creative’s blog post to Jess Creatives’ article, we can all feel the hatred towards logo designers working on Fiverr. I think the main reason is the mixed quality of this category - some logo designers here use logo templates, stolen art, and create very poor logos, while I’ve seen some designers on Fiverr offering high quality logos which are comparable to those featured in LogoPond.

I’ve recently written a blog post defending the professional (not those who steal logos) logo designers here on Fiverr and rebutting arguments made by the professionals outside the Fiverr community. Feel free to Google “Why some professional logo designers hate Fiverr” and see if that matches your thoughts.

Note to mods: The external links to other blogs are informative and adding value to this discussion. I wish they wouldn’t be censored.

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