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Adding a ´Based in` or ´location´ field in the profile


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At the moment, everyone´s profile has a ´from´ field which helps identify the person. However, I think it can be very misleading since it lists your current location as where you are from.

For me, this means that although I sell gigs as an English teacher, people think that I´m a non native speaker of English since my ´From´ is Brazil, where I currently live. I also have problems weeding out fake students for my online teaching gig since it´s possible for the buyer from Canada to actually be from another, non English speaking country.

I´d like to see both fields - a ´From´ and possibly ´Current Location´ or something similar so that you can easily see the nationality of the person you are buying from, and their time zone for time sensitive jobs.

This may only be important for gigs where being a native speaker of a particular language is important, I´m not sure!

Does anyone else think that this could help them too?

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I think that is a good idea. I think you are correct in that it probably applies more to situations where native language speaker makes a difference to the gig.

However I can also see how it would help some other sellers who were non-natives. For example if someone has a current location of being in the US, but was from a foreign country, and I was aware of that fact, I might be a little more forgiving on their gig write-ups because I know they are non-native. As opposed to me seeing a seller who says they are from the US, but if a few words were off, I would know why and I could overlook that.

Just one other way it might help. Though I could see how it could work against as well.

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