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Became a Top Rated Seller!


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So, after around 18 months on Fiverr and around 4 months since going full time, I got the amazing news that I have become a Top Rated Seller 😮

I had recently been through a period of reasonably serious ill health and the birth of our first son, so this was a huge boost as I had been trying as hard as possible to maintain my Fiverr work even through that difficult period!

It’s hugely rewarding after working so many days and nights (mainly nights!) on Fiverr even while having another job during the day when I first started and then pouring everything into it since i went full-time. If you are Level 2 at the moment and hope to be a TRS in the future, take it from me, you can get there!

I created a post after my first 6 months on Fiverr detailing a few tips on how to succeed, which I still stand by:


Alongside these tips, I would now add that’s it’s crucial to add videos to all your gigs. Since doing that and becoming a TRS I have noticed a real increase in messages and orders. I am not the most confident on video, so I preferred to create videos using still photos, images and a voiceover with backing music. So, this is an option if you don’t love being on camera. It also enables you to structure your video very specifically, with pop up screens and instructions for your gig that make the process as smooth as possible for potential buyers, as well as enabling them to hear audio examples in the background.

There have been so many improvements to the Fiverr site recently (Auto tips, custom offers, viewing history with buyer) which has made the selling process so much smoother (particularly custom offers, which has sped up the often-complicated order process massively for me) I can only see the site going from strength to strength and am very excited about the future.

I hope to maintain my TRS status through hard work and keeping my standards as high as ever, whilst also looking out to create unique and exciting new gigs.

If I can help anyone at all with some advice or tips, please just leave me a message here and I’ll do my best to help!

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Thanks for the support everyone.

Custom offers - Most of my work on Fiverr is completely bespoke (I.E. no two jobs are exactly the same) so if someone is looking for more then my basic $5 service, once we have agreed exactly what they want, the price I am charging and the time-frame for how long it will take, I can immediately send them the custom offer with the right specs while we are talking through inbox messages. All they have to do is click accept and we’re underway.

Before custom offers I had to send them a helpsheet I had designed to guide people through the ordering process, but as it is reasonably complex if you’re new to Fiverr, people would inevitably order from the wrong gig (therefore changing the duration), order the wrong amount, order an “extra fast” gig extra (changing duration again) or just not “submit info” and so the order would just “hang” until I could explain to them how to submit info.

This whole process of them ordering would often take a long time and involve many messages back and forth.

Now I can discuss the work, agree the price and time-frame, receive the order with one click from the customer, do the work and deliver it, all in the same process. It has significantly sped up my pre-delivery messaging and my delivery time generally.

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