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If buyer doesnt leave a review,what does it imply?


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Not necessarily! I think it usually means one of two things:

  1. the buyer didn’t have time to/didn’t feel like leaving a review. Some people just don’t leave reviews–it’s not their style. Others really just want to download their product and get back to work, and don’t leave a review because it slows them down. I’m pretty sure this is the case with the majority of buyers. People are more motivated to leave a review if they’ve had a bad experience than if they’ve had a good one, I think.

  2. they buyer is unsatisfied or less than satisfied, but doesn’t want to leave a negative review because they probably don’t think it’s that big of a deal; i.e., not getting a 100% perfect or a not-exactly-what-they-wanted-but-still-pretty-good-definitely-usable article for $5 isn’t “bad enough” to worry about leaving a review.

    Whenever I’ve asked a buyer why they didn’t leave a rating, they almost always say that they just don’t like leaving reviews, that the review process is kind of long and complicated, or that they aren’t even sure how to leave a review. Now, I don’t ask very often and I never ask about reviews unless I’m 100% sure that that buyer would give me a great review if prodded, so that sampling is pretty small, but it’s all the data I’ve got. So there.
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