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How to rate a seller?


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Hi, I’m new to fiverr. Could anyone point out HOW and WHERE to rate a seller, please?

  1. I cannot seem to find how + where to rate.

    The order has been cancelled by the seller, without my mutual agreement. Now I cannot rate him/his work anymore. If still possible, could anyone decalre me the steps to it?

    The seller gave me a sample/delivered in time - then I was asked in my ‘to do’ to rate, but since I still wanted modifications done I postponed to do so - seller started being irritated upon modification request, then cancelled the order - the option/action of rating the seller has now disappeared from my ‘to do’ list ?! How is that possible?

  2. Also, it shows in green (upper right corner) next to my userID that I was refunded the amount of the cancelled order. But how can I get that money ‘back in real’? Does it stay here on fiverr, if so for how long/forever? Can it be refunded to my paypal account?

    Thanks for helping out 🙂
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Guest norrsken_marc

From the looks of your post I gather you did not read the Fiverr Terms of Service. All your questions are clearly answered there. You can’t leave a review once an order has been cancelled, since no actual order was delivered. That’s why you were refunded your amount (minus the Fiverr fees). You don’t have access to it as real money though, only as Fiverr funds to be used to purchase Gigs. At no time will you be able to convert it to money and get it back. Again, you should definitely read the TOS of this site and make sure you understand it so you don’t get frustrated with the whole process. Good luck.

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