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Withdrawals never happens


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I am FrenchShark

I did everything in the forum. I need a solution. I am trying to withdraw my money since few days. I receive WITHDRAWAL CONFIRMATION email every time and I click it. It says ‘‘Your withdrawal is now being processed, and may take a few moments until it appears in your balance.’’ I can’t withdraw again that day and when I check it tomorrow, it has failed and money is still there.

  1. My PayPal account is already verified.
  2. My Fiverr account email is different from my PayPal email.
  3. I find a solution for everywhere. please tell me the problem immediately.

    Thank You.
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Guest byronmangum

fiverr was not any secure for androelic and mojtabaabedi.fiverr remove his account and to take his 3000$

please joint to our group protest

please Bring Back mojtabaabedi and androelic

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