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Hello folks, Lea is back


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Hello folks, Lea is back :)>-

Unfortunately, this may be a sad Fiverr story on some way.

During past year, much bad things is happen to me. I got nasty car accident and finish in hospital with broken ribs, arm and injuries to my head. Worse than me passed my car, finished in junkyard.

I was in hospital for 2 months, and that was my darker period of my Fiverr carrier. I got a lot of bad feedback because of canceled orders. Before accident I was Level 2 seller, 98% positive rated with 800 finished orders. Now I’m only 90% 😦 .

When I leave hospital, I try to back to work immediately, but that was huge mistake because I wasn’t completely ready for working. I still picked bad feedback so I decide to put all my gigs on hold.

Before few months, I make full recovery from injures. Thanks god, now everything is fine with my health. I activated again my gigs, hopefully I will start working like before injuries.

I did’t get many orders, but I will not give up. Some of my older buyers is back, and started again to makes orders from me. I’m very happy about that.

I still have hope that I will have successful Fiverr carrier. Maybe my rating is crushed, but that motivated me to work harder and better. Any tips are welcome.

So is good to know that Lea is back 😛


*Sorry for my sloppy English

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Skill does trump feedback. It trumps virtually everything, really. But I do think it will take some time to get going again. It will take time to re-build your feedback score, and it will take time to get noticed as I’m guess you’ve dropped in the search result?

Maybe offering a little more for now could help you get off the ground again. I’m not sure if it’s possible for you, but it will help if you can.

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Reply to @sara1984: Before accident, my best selling gig was always on first page in search indexing, now I need to scroll way to down to find it.

Almost all my sales are from repeat buyers from past. That hurt me a lot because technically I can’t attract new buyers.

I will consider about giving more in my gigs. That may be helpful. Thanks Sara 🙂

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