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What kind of videos do buyers like more?


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Hi there I’m a fiverr newbie and I just want to clarify some things 🙂

Asking all the sellers - According to your experience what kind of videos were more successful in bringing more traffic to your GIG ? What about conversions ?

The ones where you talked about all the details in front of a webcam or by using some animated videos ?

Although I’m an Indian , I can speak decent English but I don’t know how to present myself and that might affect how buyers see me 🙂

Asking all the buyers - What kind of videos do you all like to see more or feel more comfortable watching or trustworthy ?

So in most of my GIGS I prefer to use animation videos . But I’m not seeing any results whatsoever 😕 It doesn’t bring much traffic in the Graphic Design category at-least because almost everyone is using videos lol!

It would be very kind if anyone can share their experience or at least enlighten me if I’m doing something wrong 🙂

Thank you.

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Thanks for replying rachelbostwick 🙂 Do you mean the numerology one ? I’m planning to change that video.

It is pretty tough to convince people nowadays with all these scams all around but I always try my best to do so. And the fact that I’m also camera shy doesn’t help 😉

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If your Gigs are in the Graphic Design category, you could try doing something nobody else does. Rather than you in front of a webcam, or an animated explanation, you could try doing your own screen recording.

What I mean is…

Get a Screen Recording Software

Record yourself designing a logo(or whatever you make for your Gig)

Speed it up so it isn’t too long

Add music in the background or a voiceover explaining the Gig

This will give users a sense of your work quality, so they know what to expect

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