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New to fiverr but have not Received any Order yet


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Hi guys, i am new here, don’t really know much about fiverr but i am will to learn too.

Perhaps, i have not even received any order at all and i don’t know how to go about it. i just noticed that here on Fiverr Search, top rated sellers are being displayed first and that keep me wondering how newbies can grow here.

i am also looking forward to meet pros and experts here to advice and encourage me on to succeed in here!

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I will offer what I can.

-Some of your gigs say things like “I will show you how to earn $$$$” and all are over $2000. Almost no one will believe those or buy them.

-New gigs on Fiverr are displayed in the “new” category which is a nice boost. Some buyers look their for bargains. They want go find gigs and sellers worth a risk, though, not marketing hype.

-Your country is listed as USA but your written language, punctuation, etc. does not back that up, making you seem less trustworthy.

-Your profile picture is fake.

-Your gig images are stock photos.

If you fix as much of that as possible and put up good gigs that people are interested in, you have a much better shot. Don’t rely on the main page alone for advertising. Promote your gigs on social media.

Read the forum and help articles.

I’m being honest in an effort to help. I do wish you well!

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