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All newbies with zero sales gather here while we wait for our first order!


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No I’m also on the zero sales but then … I have deliberately ignored the fact my gig has no video and is in direct competition with far too many highly skilled people for its category and is about as original as a “new kettle”.

I should either : A add a video , B Find a new niche from which to sell (basically reformat the gig and target specific audiences that want “x” OR C Market my product on social media so that friends or family feel obliged to try and help me out by "buying"

As for D be original… Remember your unique: just like everyone else.

Seriously though I have projects to work on outside of fiver…

The same service I offer here on fiverr I have done more professionally in person : for much higher money… so many sellers of the same thing though and you have what is known as a “buyers market” … which essentially means I usually just get stuff I want done on fiverr .

To be honest the amount of free time I have varies and I definitely would not want a massive amount of work piled up anyway perhaps that’s why I never added a video.

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