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Fiverr revenue card


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Hello my name is Milosh

and i need your help

I have couple of problems and questions about the fiverr revenues

i live in Serbia (Europe) and i have paypal but i can only send money from paypal,cant add or receive…

i was wondering how much do you pay for the fiverr revenue card? how much money do i have to put on the side and what are the requirements?, can i use it to pay for stuff in serbia (europe) or just america :@) if anyone could help me i would be grateful

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You can use the Payoneer card as any MasterCard, either to pay in any store accepting MasterCards (pretty much everywhere in Serbia), or to withdraw money from an ATM.

You pay nothing to receive the card. As for the other fees, they’re all listed at the Payoneer’s site (and they announced the fees would change on April 17th).

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